Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad movies are awesome.

They really are. I just saw "Drag Me to Hell" with a couple friends, and let's just say it was pretty laughworthy.

Sure, there are times when I jumped in fear, or cringed in disgust (there were just WAY too many bodily fluids in that film. eugh.) but for the most part it was just highly entertaining.

Plus everything that happens in the film is basically inevitable. It kind of reminded me of life. Badly scripted at points, full of nasty shit, and karma karma karma.

What goes around comes around, and people get what they deserve. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or when you want them to, but they do. I guess I'm just vindictive enough to take solace in that fact, or maybe I just like to think that bad people don't go unpunished, and that seemingly good people are punished for a reason.

I just find it entertaining that a really shitty movie made me think about philosophical stuff. What do you know. *shrug*

On an unrelated note, I really miss Lin. I'm hoping that I get to see her sometime in the relatively near future, but it's hard when there's a couple hundred miles in the middle. I just wish we could all go back to school now. My mother and sister are planning to go to San Antonio sometime soon so I'm hoping I can go along and drive out to see her. Any amount of time helps. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

it's about damn time.

At the moment I feel like I should have done this ages ago.

So much has happened this past semester that has changed me, the people I know, everything in my world, and I probably should have written it all down before now. So for awhile, if anyone reads this, I'm probably going to be traipsing down awful memory lane, and ranting. With some personal opinions on life thrown in now and then.

But for today we'll hold off on that.

I just spent a fair amount of time browsing the blog of an ex of mine- a blog I had never seen. Now before you start thinking I'm some kind of verifiable loony, he told me about it a long time ago and requested that I not look at it. I didn't think anything of it. Well I found a link to it on myspace earlier (yep, it IS always myspace's fault.) and decided to take a look.

Basically what I found was every negative thought he ever had about me, mixed in with a bunch of other random stuff.

The funny thing is, I'm not really offended. We were both pretty awful to each other every once in a while, and I probably *could* be described as a "neurotic high-strung whiny little girl". Or at least neurotic and high-strung, I think I've got my whining pretty much under control.

The fact is we probably should have never been together. All it ever did was send us both down an unneeded painful pathway. I shouldn't have dated him a second time, but something in my brain thought I loved him. *shrug*

I'm pretty much done with men for now though. I've got what I assume to be a steady girlfriend, although we haven't exactly discussed what our relationship consists of yet. I'd pretty much go to hell and back for her.

I HAVE gone to hell and back for her.

But you, mysterious, possibly nonexistant reader, will hear about THAT some other time, when I start chronicling Spring semester '09, or the semester from hell.

Hobey ho, let's go. :P